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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 12, 2009 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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tonight on "nightline," selling sex to women. from pornography with i love yous, to yoga with erotica, women are the target in the sex industry. but can a little bit of tenderness really define porn? and two buck chuck may be the scourge of wine snobs, but it's sold nearly 500,000 bottles. plus, ratings killer?
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multiple murders and a largely lawless land. a tv reality show is often first on the scene. so did this crusader against crime actually script real life killings? captions paid for by abc, inc. good evening. i'm terry moran. and we begin tonight with a major shift in the multibillion dollar adult entertainment industry. it's a business that's taken some hits of late with so much free content online, but sex will always sell. and there is growth in one very powerful consumer demographic group. women. as david right now reports for our series "sex in modern america". >> we all know that sex sells. and increasingly sex sells to women.
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perhaps it's the cultural influence of carrie bradshaw and her posse. >> look. i thought it would be scary and weird, but it isn't. it's pink for girls. >> or maybe the success of "sex and the city" spoke to a deeper reality for women. >> it's just more people who have come along to try to kate we are product and acknowledging what they want and what they're interested in. >> the sexual revolution may have started 40 years ago with women burning their bras, but as the movie "stud hunter" dramati dramatizes, women sexuality has come a long way. stop for a minute. pornography is a $10 billion industry, much of it online and according to some estimates 9.4 women a month. point and click and you are find
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that women are seeing what's being offered. trip triple x movies are no longer dominated by the y chromosome where the pizza guy shows up. >> fresh and tasty. >> nice and hot. >> and that's pretty much it for the plot. >> having been in some adult movies in my late 20's, i got a firsthand look at what they were really like. >> candidaoyalle wasn't inclined to watch the kind of film she starred in 25 years ago. >> there's no foreplay and there's no build-up. there's no real communication and tenderness. >> it's just very direct. we're going to have sex and it's really hard core and gymnastic. >> she was among the first to sense how videotape and later the internet would change things. she was among the first to spot a profitable new market. >> started off very --
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>> pornography made with a woman's touch. >> when i went to some of the top companies in los angeles, they were all kind of patronizing, nice idea, candida, but women aren't into this sort of thing. i knew they were wrong. >> history is proving her right. her movies and those of other wh she calls m miisosogygyninis ededicbilili.. fofor r stance, take the porn classic the devil in mr. holmes. 26 seconds of set-up until the first sex scene. and the sex is over in under a minute, 42 secononds flat. >> thank you, dear. send in the next patient. >> compare that to director nica noelle's, much more plot before the clothes comes off and the sex goes on for 32 minutes. >> there's some conflict, something presenting -- preventing them from acting on their feelings immediately.
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there's a lot of kissing and looking into each other's eyes. >> the actors are often partners in real life. the male star's more attractive t women less artificially enhanced and the scenes tend not to end with a bang. >> there's always afterplay. there's always i love yous and giggling and laughing. i love you. >> women aren't just transforming porn, but changing the places it's sold. in one of the most successful new shops opened this year is le tac tache. >> we saw lingerie and lubricants and erotic toys and dvd's. >> 60% of the customers are women. it's known for quaint, cobble town streets. george and martha washington slept here. do you think george washington is rolling over in his grave?
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>> no i think that george washington would have shopped here. heid fight for lint. >> surprisingly, most of the locals are taking it in stride. >> as long as it doesn't startle the horses. >> there's some stuff that might startle the horses. >> then it's a problem. >> high-end sex shops like le tache may turn a few heads, but in other places it's old news. good vibrations has been around for years, selling the latest sex toys. business has grown steadily, 20% year after year. even during the recession sales are up 11%. >> san francisco might well be the capital city of this sexual exploration and certainly being open about it as we are. >> not judgmental. >> nonjudgmental. >> so perhaps it's not surprise that san francisco is home to
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what may be the cutting edge of female sexploration. not your average yoga studio. there's 15 minutes of quiet meditation. >> becoming an explorer of the breasts. >> also a warm-up. when the bell sends again, the gloves go on the men, the pants come off the women and soon the studio erupts in female ecstasy. at one taste they do this at least once every single day. >> it kind of looks like a yoga class. >> doesn't it? >> but with a much different finish. 15 minutes? >> 15 minutes. >> that's a lot of orgasms. >> a lot of orgasms. >> for an outsider it's uncomfortable to watch, but the participants seem to enjoy it. >> i had a sensation of a big
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bang. >> a burst of orange. >> i stayed in the silence of breen breasts. >> i mean, it's an unusual way to start your monday. >> a great way to start your monday. >> most have day jobs. >> i work for the city of san francisco. >> this is just a way of saying you know what? every single day just for 15 minutes of my life i'm going to take the time out for my partner and make that the foundation of our lives this connection. >> but she knows the very idea of it is controversial. is there a danger if you take all of the baggage out of it of turning it into something clinical? >> it's not been my experience. >> i don't know. >> turning sex into a spinning class. >> not a replacement for love or romance or sexuality within a relationship. it's a way to begin to feel each other at this really essential level. >> when they started one taste two years ago, only men turned up. but when they shifted the
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emphasis to the female orgasm, the crowd started to balance out. >> during this time when the economy is crashing, more and more people are flooding in more and more, because a lot of the rules that they believed in aren't working. >> here at one taste, the wen are writing new rules and if you're tempted to say only in san francisco, think again. one taste opened a second outpost in new york. >> and our thanks to david wright. when we come back, time for wine. a vintage as cheap as it is popular and a proud vintner who makes no apologies for his two buck chuck.
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we turn now to the vineyards of california and one of the richest and most powerful wine makers in the country. while his labels may say napa
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though most his grapes are grown from far from wine kcountry. that means the product comes with no big markups. some may sniff, but millions of drinkers are raising a glass and saying cheers as vicki mabry now ports. >> there's something so romantic about a vineyard. >> grapes are all nice and hidden under here in the canopy. >> thesy m symmetry, the fullnef the fruit. >> it will make great wine. >> but in the vineyards of curmudgeon fred franz ya, forget the curmudgeon, he sees money. >> you'll find another $20 bill or so. >> we're 300 miles south of napa in california known as the central valley. >> the good ones always high. >> from franzia, who makes the
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wine two buck chuck, grows 60 to 70 square miles of grapes. how many varieties of grapes are you growing out here? >> we've got pinot noir, we've got merlot and zinfandel. >> he produces millions of bottles of wine a year. i want to see the falcon crest house. i want to see the stone buildings. where is all that? where are the trappings of the wine maker? >> up in disneyland. napa county. sonoma county. and sort of -- and monterey. >> is that disneyland for wine? >> that's the disney land for wine. >> he has a love/hate relationship with napa and sonoma. he grows down here because the land is cheaper and the grapes are just as good.
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>> are their grapers better than your? >> no. >> but wine aficionados would say there's something that grows in the soil. >> the only thing that they have different than here, they have 400 different public relations people telling you that so they can justify the monuments they built to themselves no wine is worth $50 a bottle. >> you won't find him describing his wines like an aficionados. his company bottles under 37 different labels and selling at trader joes for $2 or $3 a bottle. how are selling wine at the price of water. >> we're overcharming for the water. simple answer. >> if you sell wine for $1.55 a
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bolt, you're making money? >> we're making money. and trader joe's does all right also. >> he does it he says through economies of scale. now during harvest season, he runs 50 harvesters 12 hours a night. >> our grape rows are a mile long, some two miles around. we don't have to turn the tractors around. we prodouse -- we produce grapes here because they've got more sunshine than water. those are the two key ingredients. >> wine making has been in his blood from birth. it was the family business. started about 100 years ago by his grandfather, giuseppe. >> my grandfather came over from italy. he was an immigrant and had no money and he started to buy land in 1906. and we just had it in our dna and been continuing on with that program.
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>> but his father's generation sold the company to coca-cola in the '70's so fred, his brother and a cousin struck out on their own. first buying bankrupt labels like charles shaw, as well as excess grapes and wine from napa vineyards. critics say they play fast and loose with the napa wine. >> it's a california wine, we're very proud of that we're not making any claims to it. they can claim anything they want to claim. but whether it's true or not, they let the consumers judge. >> everything he does is on an industrial scale. his plant has a certain oil refinery quality to it. >> this doesn't look like the quintessential winery. this looks like a factory. >> it is a money making factory. it's a winery. to keep competitive in the world. >> forget the mystiques of wine aged in oak antique casks.
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most of his are free way aimed on the way up here where they're fermented and stored in super sized tanks. >> there's 600 cases. enough to drink. >> how long does your wine age? >> hopefully about 24 hours. >> actually, his grapes may go fromarvest to table in about 100 days. >> i don't sell wine to put in the closet. we sell wine to drink. i love that french people go on 20 years this wine is going to be perfect. well, don't waste the money, i don't want to wait money to drink a wine. drink ours now and enjoy it. >> his chardonnay wine won over much pricier brands and two buck chuck is looking to selling his 200 millionth bottle. >> initially when i tried two
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buck chuck, i thought it was it would be like a bad house wine and my friends are like, try it, it was fantastic. i was amazed at how good it was. i felt like taking it home and steeping off the label and putting a more expensive label on the bottle. >> at 66 fred said he's not thinking of slowing down. at least not till he's sold his 1 billionth bottle. >> i'm in the wine business to make money. that's good, i think for the country. good for the consumer. >> the other would say they're in the wine business to make the finest wines they can make. >> great. good luck. >> and that that costs money. >> we do the same thing and it doesn't cost money. so one of us is telling the truth and one of us isn't. you take your choice. >> this is vicki mabry in california. >> cheers to vicki for that. when we come back, the tv
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>> realalytelevisionon canan tough racketmpetitionn forviewe th gets morendnd mooreextreme.c but mumurrder? is acttly w whahat o tv alitit accusedd of.cops sayay h hee or series o kikill icich was
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expoposed in part because his camera crew had the knack for being the first on the scene. brian rooney has the report. >> it was deep in the amazon region around the crime and drug-ridden city where wallace souza posted this television show called canal livre, with some gruesome murders. one of the reporters says here's the body, there's smoke around. this was reality television as gritty as you get. it was an execution in the jungle me reports. souza was a former cop and crusader against crime who leveraged television fame into election as a legislate later as well. when i worked for the police around 1979, he says, this kind of thing did not happen. no, it probably did not. souza was so plugged in his
12:01 am
cameras often reached the scene ole ic murder before the which got the police thinking and then investigating. and this grainy video shows how during the investigation ae purported hit man was shot dead on camera by another hit man. it made great television but the police believe like also called unscripted television the plot of souza's show canal livre had a guiding hand from producers, and that souza was so far ahead of the cops that he generated the murders. at least five murders the cops claim. souza's son here on the tv was swept up in the arrests of at least a dozen people, while a search of souza's home has turned up bundles of cash and weapons. they say he killed rivals for power and showed his own crimes on television. his lawyer answers -- the police
12:02 am
have no proof. souza hasn't been arrested. he remains free because he has legislative immunity. he can't make this stuff up. it's reality television the way they do it in brazil. this is brian rooney for "nightline." >> what an incredible story. our thanks to brian for that. when we come ba,s recetary of state clinton comparecticonion bush family. that's the subject of tonight's "closing argument." ument." hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens...
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